Publish Date : 12/22/2023 3:45:12 PM

Journalism is more than just a course, which makes it a very popular subject of study for students. Students who opt to study journalism are committed to the idea of making a change in society. A wide range of career opportunities are opened up for students after they complete their journalism courses. Journalism is divided into print, broadcast, and multimedia. Depending on the area of interest and abilities, students can choose any of these. AISECT University helps students make an impact in whichever field they choose.

Media, mass communication and journalism provide students with the opportunity to raise their voices about the issues they care about. This is one of the main factors that creates a good journalist. Journalists have a responsibility towards society, which makes this course curriculum extremely important. Journalists have to increase awareness about multiple issues using various different mediums of communication like television, newspapers and the internet, which is the most widely used form of communication of late. With fake news being on the rise every single day, a journalist is duty-bound to research, fact check and verify every piece of news that comes their way. This is one factor that the faculty of AISECT Jharkhand stresses a lot, making it rank alongside some of the most prominent journalism colleges in India. Verification of news is especially important these days, as the advent of the internet makes the spread of news easier and faster.

The goal of a journalist is to spread awareness into society on various issues and to talk about issues that many people would not be aware of. Another way students can do this is with the use of documentaries. Documentaries can be about wildlife, social issues, different cultures or environmental issues. Society has an urgent need for journalists who believe in spreading awareness.

Which is a good journalism college in Jharkhand?

If you are looking for a good journalism college in Jharkhand, AISECT University is a very good option. The university has faculty that is extremely qualified and experienced. They are different from other professors since this industry calls for more interactive sessions, group discussions and debates. Some theoretical learning is involved as well, although most of the teaching is done through workshops and practical sessions.

All of these give the students a better understanding of how to use the concepts of journalism in the professional world.

Other factors like guest lectures, conferences and seminars held at the university make the whole education experience worthwhile. The guest lectures give the students an opportunity to hear from stalwarts who have been in the industry for a long time. This prepares the students for any challenge that could be coming their way.

What makes a student eligible for a good journalism college?

In order to be eligible for a good journalism college like AISECT University, a student must get an aggregate of at least 50% in their higher secondary examinations from any stream. Admissions to the course are based on merit.

What are some of the career opportunities for students after graduation?

Journalism provides students with many opportunities. Students can opt for print, broadcast or multimedia journalism with any of the popular news agencies. Students can also opt for digital marketing, content writing and fields like public relations.

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